We believe buying or selling property should be easy. But the reality is, real estate can be a complicated endeavor, and that’s where we earn our stripes.

From helping a family make the most important purchase of their lives, to guiding investors in maximizing returns, or negotiating long-term leases and renewals, our team forges trusted relationships with every client. Born and raised in South Florida, firm partners, Kyle Sorel and Jordan Cohen specialize in residential sales, investment & development projects, and commercial leasing & sales. One more thing they specialize in: going above and beyond. It’s not uncommon for us to complete applications for a client, secure bids for repairs during inspection periods, and work with clients after closing to ensure rehab projects are done correctly or offer unique perspectives on how to maximize value.

We will be creative and aggressive with our negotiations even if it means less commission for our firm. Above and beyond with every client, every transaction – that’s our promise.

Kyle Sorel

Kyle Sorel


Email: Kyle@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-562-2032

  • Kyle Sorel
Jordan Cohen

Jordan Cohen

Director of Sales and Marketing


Email: Jordan@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-494-9161

  • Jordan Cohen
Katie Avello

Katie Avello

Director of Commercial Acquisitions

Email: Katie@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-701-3317

  • Samantha Worst
Jordan Fischer

Jordan Fischer

Luxury Real Estate Specialist


Email: JFischer@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-817-0775

  • Jordan Fischer
Cigi Mann

Cigi Mann

Licensed Sales Associate


Email: Cigi@nolimitre.com

Tel: 678-986-1321 

  • Cigi Mann
Johan Badaracco

Jonah Badaracco

Licensed Sales Associate


Email: Jonah@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-815-0896

  • Jonah Badaracco
Chelsea Fischer_edited.png

Chelsea Fischer

Licensed Sales Associate


Email: Chelsea@nolimtire.com

Tel: 954-609-2012

  • Chelsea Fischer
Lee Kamelhair
Lee Kamelhair

Licensed Sales Associate


Email: Lee@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-655-7836

  • Lee Kamelhair
Barri Reisch_edited.png

Barri Reisch

Licensed Sales Associate

Email: Barri@nolimitre.com

Tel: 954-695-8811

  • Barri Reisch

Jessica Shraybman

Licensed Sales Associate

Email: Jessica@nolimitre.com

Tel: 305-984-3957

  • Jessica Shraybman

Samantha Badaracco

Licensed Sales Associate

Email: Samantha@nolimitre.com

Tel: 724-987-0421

  • Samantha Worst